Who Imagines It

Ask any of our clients we’ve worked with about what sets us apart and, odds are, they’ll say our people. Whether someone has been with us two months or twenty years, we all share the same vision and passion for great work.
Meet our Management Team.


T. Scott Schriefer

Scott gets it done. His combination of wit and kindness make him a force to be reckoned with.

T. Scott Schriefer translates abstract strategies into tangible results. His extraordinary vision and attention to every detail provide the base of his approach. Creating an environment that allows the project or show team’s individual talents to flourish builds an even stronger foundation. By keeping the team focused and overseeing the process beginning to end, he has repeatedly created stunning results.

Scott’s talents have been realized through international world expos and theme parks, national celebrations, and dozens of meetings and events for Fortune 500 companies. He has held the positions of CEO of the US division of a French entertainment systems group, founding partner of a Los Angeles-based event management/production company, and Executive Producer of an Australian theme park.

Creativity and meticulous execution are the key components to Scott’s successes. He has garnered a reputation as a brilliant project craftsman and his pedigree reflects his dedication to providing value for the client everywhere possible.

Executive Vice President & Senior Creative Dir.

Bradley Z. Caruk

With an impressive mix of creative, business and “fun”, Brad drives talent and fuels a culture where people can’t wait to wake up and get to work each day.

Award-winning, extremely creative professional director with an earned reputation for spearheading major innovations, championing cutting-edge technologies, creativity and continuously setting new industry standards. Passionately dedicated to guest experience. Dynamic, results-oriented, and exceptionally tech-savvy, with an intuitive understanding of art and science with very high level strategic management skills. Notable Top Fortune companies include Disney, Universal, Fox, Warner Bros., EA, Microsoft, Lexus, Labatt’s, Lancôme, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Tropicana, Paramount Studios, Dell, Burger King, 3M and Honda.

Director, Architectural Design

Rodolfo Martucci

An Architectural Savant before his time. We’re not kidding.

Rodolfo has over twenty years of experience in themed architectural design—specializing in theme parks, entertainment, and leisure design—and conceptual design consulting, custom home design, historical renovations and preservation, remodels and renovations, and residential and hospitality design. In addition to being proficient in conceptual and theme park design, he specializes in architectural illustrations, historical and archeological illustrations, interactive design, 3D modeling, free-hand drawing, and digital rendering.

Director, Technical Design

Dw Phineas Perkins

This guy knows how to make it happen. An idea is just that until Dw makes it work and his depth goes far beyond expected.

An industry veteran with broad experience from Universal Creative, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Birket Engineering, and Walt Disney Imagineering, Dw has a keen understanding of the global attractions industry. With a balanced combination of technical expertise, business savvy, and an unflappable demeanor, he is able to work seamlessly with creative designers, strategic partners, industry executives, governing agencies, and everyone in between.

Director, Master Planning & Landscape Design

Thomas Johnson

Thomas is a triple threat. His drive and push for excellence makes him essential to our success.

Thomas has a talent for artistic expression and creativity with a keen interest in landscape architecture, master planning, urban design, resorts, and themed entertainment. Over the course of 25 years, he has successfully led design efforts and represented the intended design story for a wide range of projects—from concept through construction administration— throughout Asia, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and the United States.

Director, Project Management

Diane Manzi

Organized down to the simplest detail, Diane insures nothing gets off track. Exceptional experience in the industry she is a powerhouse.

A seasoned project manager and show producer at Walt Disney Imagineering and Universal Creative, Diane plays an integral role in the studio’s project production process.  A consummate professional who keeps everyone grounded while setting them up to fly, Diane’s eagle-eyed attention to detail enables her to focus on the big picture while overseeing the complex intricacies of a multitude of moving pieces and parts.

Manager, Architectural Design

Willy Guzman

Nothing gets past Willy. His experience is essential to our Architectural Design Team and his smile is infectious.

With over 25 years of experience working at interior design, architectural design, and themed entertainment studios, Willy is well-versed in the complexities of planning spaces, drafting designs, creating construction documents, applying industry standards and guidelines, and detailing projects from conceptualization to construction.