EagleVision: Soaring into the Future

  • Date: Feb 06, 2019

Q & A with EagleVision Entertainment Studios

In 2018, EagleVision Entertainment Studios opened its international headquarters in Orlando, hosted a booth at the IAAPA Expo, and was a sponsor for the TEA international mixer. For those who aren’t familiar with EagleVision yet, what can you tell us about the company?

T. Scott Schriefer, President:
EagleVision is a new breed of creative entertainment studio with a great team of some of the best talent in our industry—and we’re based in the theme park capital of the world. With our extensive experience, we challenge ourselves to design the impossible and build the unthinkable—conceiving, designing, and building unique entertainment experiences for our clients around the world.

What makes EagleVision different from other design firms in the theme park industry?

Bradley Caruk, Executive Vice President:
Our combined knowledge and experience—from renowned theme parks and some of the world’s most successfully-produced venues—and our studio’s comprehensive services are our competitive advantage over other design firms. Our studio services include Master Planning and Landscape Design, Show Design, Architectural Design, Project Production, Technical Design and Production, and I.P. and Product Development, so we’re with our clients throughout an entire project.

Could you tell us more about these different services?

Thomas Johnson, Director, Master Planning & Landscape Design:
Our clients appreciate our proficiency in master planning—in land use, urban design, theme park design, recreational design, and area development design. We explore the potential for site development and apply a proven understanding of guest flow, operations, and creative content for our client’s hotels, restaurants, retail locations, attractions, landscaping, theme parks, and entertainment.

RC Aradio, Vice President, Creative:
Our creative design team develops a project from high-concept to completion—through the design process, production management, safety, testing, and venue opening. We’re able to design, develop, and deliver the best in concept development, scripting, media, architecture, guest flow, mechanics, programming, safety, and artistry.

David Wronski, Senior Vice President of Architectural Design:
Our architectural designers use human-centered design through understanding as part of an iterative pre-design process. The team reviews qualitative data, makes direct observations, and explores creative solutions with clients to address potential challenges and ensure the project’s ultimate success.

Diane Manzi, Director, Project Management:
One of our key differentiators is our ability to deliver resourceful, attentive project management that maintains an eagle-eyed focus on the project’s creative vision. Our project managers have extensive organizational, operational, and financial experience overseeing projects for theme parks, museums, live shows, and large-scale construction designs—so we’re uniquely qualified to coordinate the intricacies of even the most complex international projects.

Dw Phineas Perkins, Director, Technical Design:
Our technical teams design and create dynamic, immersive environments by combining hardware engineering and software artistry to turn a project’s creative vision into an integrated reality. To set clients up for continued success, EagleVision also delivers a timeline for the experience’s future maintenance and technical components.

Bradley Caruk, Executive Vice President:
In addition to these studio services, EagleVision also helps companies with creative development and strategic thinking for their brand’s I.P. and product development—including logo, signage, and character design.

The Eagle landed in 2018. What’s next?

T. Scott Schriefer, President:
EagleVision is soaring into the future: our team is growing, our office is expanding, and we’ve got some great projects on the horizon!

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